A detailed guide about the life expectancy of sewer pipes

The sewer pipes become troubling and frustrating if there is any problem in the system. The repair work is expensive. The homeowners have vested interests in the life of the sewer pipes. You have to be concerned about it before it leads to any huge repair issue. The sewer pipes are manufactured with a range of materials and it depends upon when they are actually installed. The sewer pipes are a system that protects the quality of water. This also affects the public health in your area. The pipes are used to transport sewage from your home and are carried to the wastewater treatment plants. The wastewater is here cleaned and delivered back to the environment. The sewer pipes of the home are connected to the municipal system. These pipes are laid underground and clogs might develop in the main pipe. The sewer pipe repair is done when the pipes are completely damaged.

Sewer Pipe

What is the average life expectancy of sewer pipes?

  • The life expectancy calculated at an average is about 50 to 70 years. The material used is quite young for an accurate evaluation.
  • The sunlight might be the main cause for the deterioration of sewer pipes. This makes it brittle and susceptible to impact fractures.
  • The pipes are also available with additives like titanium that definitely reduces, but will never eliminate the damage that occurs due to sunlight.
  • The sewer pipes are usually underground for water service so sunlight is not a big problem. Therefore, the sewer pipe repair is necessary.
  • The manufacturers also recommend that the pipes be painted in the exteriors, which are exposed to the sunlight. They use a light color paint that is compatible with plastic for protection.

What is cast iron sewer pipe?

Sewer Pipe Repair

The sewer pipes made of cast iron are common in homes. The manufacturers’ still use cast iron pipes in commercial property, although, they have recently turned into ductile iron pipes. They are considered stronger and resilient. They are also resistant to corrosion. Several factors are responsible for the life expectancy of cast iron pipes. They are stated below:

  • The more the use of cast iron pipes, the chance of deceased life expectancy. The flow of water and the grease that runs through the pipes is also the reason for shortened life span. 
  • The other factors responsible are like detergents such as hand soaps and laundry detergent. The chemical drain openers like sulphuric acid that is used may cause clogged drains. Hence, needs sewer pipe repair.
  • The soil conditions may be acidic that causes corrosion in the cast iron pipes. This is the reason for decreasing the life span of the pipes.
  • Grease has been a constant problem for cast iron drain pipes. This is the main line for channeling and it becomes a problem if it is rotted away.
  • You can find that the cast iron pipes last for more than 75 – 100 years if it is installed for residential purposes. The commercial applications have much higher use so the damage is more in these pipes.
  • The knowledge with the cast iron pipes has to be extensive in the plumbing industry. You must always contact a professional plumber who is experienced to take assistance in solving the problems.
  • The cast iron drain pipes should be inspected cleaned, so that there are no major problems in the area that you live. This is important because as the pipe corrodes, scale, and calcification takes place, as well as rust forms inside the pipes built. This will decrease the diameter of the pipe. As a result, there are frequent drain clogs and sewer backups.

Therefore, the average life expectancy of the sewer pipes depends upon the installation, material, and maintenance of the pipes. 
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