Facing Issues with Vehicle’s Braking System? Check Your Brake Rotors!!

Purchasing an automobile is one of the major purchases made by the consumers. After spending good money on an automobile, a person wants the vehicle to be in ideal working condition. Safe driving and proper functioning of the vehicle needs effective care and maintenance from time to time. Some of the common issues, which are always taken care of include oiling, engine, tire pressure, etc., but the braking system is always ignored, which can cause serious problems to the vehicle. Precisely, the brake rotor is one of the significant parts of the braking system, which leads to poor performance of the vehicle.
Brake Rotors
Brake Rotors

What Exactly Is a Brake Rotor?

Brakes are important to the vehicle. In a vehicle, the braking system comprises a rotor. It is a round disc made up of metal. It is placed in the center of the vehicle behind the wheel. The rotor is fixed with a huge center nut and two set screws. It is fastened by the brake pads and caliper.

When the brakes are applied, the calipers and pads press against the rotor sides, causing resistance to halt the vehicle. But the design of rotor is such that it permits the heat produced by the vehicle to disperse evenly. This does not allow the vehicle to get overheated. It is also known as a disc brake.

The regular use of brakes causes wears and tear to various parts of the braking system. If the proper maintenance and check are not done, then this may lead to a huge damage of the vehicle. There are many ways to identify and analyze the issues faced by a vehicle.

Indicators To Brake Rotor Replacement:

There are many ways to find out a bad rotor. The basic indicators help the drivers to know about the problems in the braking system of a vehicle. If the driver experiences the symptoms like grinding, squealing, vibrations, etc., then there is a need to take immediate actions to repair the issue.

1. Squealing: A high pitch sound is perceived from the brakes, whenever applied. This indicates that there is an issue with the brake rotors.

2. Grinding: When a loud growling sound occurs from the pads, this indicates that the pads are completely worn out and are scraping the rotors. This causes a great damage to the vehicle if not replaced instantly.

Brake Rotors
Brake Rotors
3. Vibration: A tremor or pulsation is felt when the brake is applied. This vibration may be felt for both front and rear brakes. If the vibration is felt in steering or pedal, then the front brake is vulnerable and if the vibration is felt in seat or pedal then the rear brake is vulnerable.

4. Fading: If a brake has stopped working or is behaving abruptly then the braking system must be checked.

5. Pulling: A brake pad or rotor seems to be worn out when the vehicle pulls to a particular side.

It is not always necessary to replace the whole rotor to curb the problem. If the driver notices the indication early enough then the damaged portion is removed and the thickness of the rotor remains the same. But if the warning signals are ignored then rotor gets damaged completely and results in the replacement of rotor.

The above-provided information will surely help you in understanding and be identifying the issues faced by the braking system of a vehicle. You can also visit the various website to learn more about the brake rotors and its purpose. It is considered best to solve the issue before it becomes a mishap.
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