The sliding doors are in demand due to its aesthetic appeal and fantastic view. However, homeowner often tend to compromise in terms of sliding security doors. But, one cannot compromise in terms of security. Mostly, people tend to cover glass sliding doors with blinds and shutters. Nevertheless, it is a great conventional security option. However, the thieves and burglar use advanced technology and equipment to conduct the theft nowadays. Hence, to stop these intruders from breaking into your house you can secure your home with unconventional and more secure ways. With the advancement of technology, more secure ways are coming up to protect your home. You can try some of these unconventional ways to secure your sliding doors.
Sliding Security Doors

Four unconventional ways to secure your sliding doors:

# 1. Sliding door loop locks

It is evident that inbuilt latches of the sliding doors are often weak. Hence, adding an extra lock can prove to be a good security option. Normal locks cannot deter the clever thief. You can install the heavy-duty locks on the top as well as bottom of the sliding door to secure the sliding security doors. It is easy to setup these locks to reinforce security. These locks are the most effective ones. Apart from that, it only needs simple tools to install them aptly. These locks are more secured than that of the pre-installed locks and uneasy for the thieves to cut open it.

# 2. Wireless glass break and vibration detector

Well, as we know sliding doors are made of glass to get the outdoor view clearly from the inside of the house. Though, there are various glass types that are durable and sturdy, but they are easy-to-break. Never mind, we have a solution to this, by adding a glass break and vibration detector on your sliding doors, you can enhance the security level. It can prove to be a smart addition to your home security. The sensors work aptly and warning sign will enable the intruder to know that the sliding doors are secured.

# 3. Glass protective films

It is mandatory to reinforce the glass of the sliding doors. The protective films will do that for you. It can not only withstand the blow, pressure, and break-ins but also save the glass from potential damage. The glass does the trick for you, as it enables you to peep outside and have the luxury to enjoy the view. While, it prevent the intruders to peep into your home. It strengthens the door and makes it shatterproof. Moreover, it obscures the inside view and displaying your valuables. Thus, protecting your belongings.
Sliding Security Doors

# 4. Install viewers and security camera systems

The wide-angle viewer is the best option to and gets the wiring of the security camera systems to the sliding doors. This will enable you to see who is trying to get inside. You will be alert, in case, any intruder is trying to get inside. Moreover, this also gives you peace of mind. These security system wiring will set up the sliding doors to your security system and will let you know through sensors whether house member is opening it or if the intruder is trying to break in.

Therefore, with the help of these four unconventional ways, you can secure your sliding doors. This will help you to protect your home from potential intruder or burglar. You can install these enhanced and advanced systems at your sliding doors to reinforce the sliding security doors. It is the best solution to secure your home from potential harm.
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