Different Types of Cranes and How to Choose the Right Hiring Service?

If you have your own construction company then you need to hire some cranes for your projects. If you purchase a new crane then it will lead you to several charges like the cost of the crane, maintenance charges, crane operator wages, insurance, and parking as well as relocation charges. To avoid these huge expenses, you can simply hire the crane for a stipulated timeframe as per your requirement, and you need to pay a fixed charge to the crane hire company.  However, there are several different types of cranes used in the construction industry. Although the basic function of all these is the same, some functional differences make them fulfill a specific purpose. 

crane hire
Crane Hire 

Some Different Types of Cranes

  • Tower Crane: These are one of the most widely used craned nowadays. They are generally used in constructing tall buildings, as the name suggests and can go as high as 265 ft. and as low as 230 ft. They are fixed to the ground as long as they are used in construction.   
  • Crawler Crane: This type of crane is generally used in construction sites that require a heavy load to be carried and transported. The crane is movable on tracks, which can be used in soft soil as well. They can carry heavy loads up to 3500 tons. 
  • Railroad Crane: As suggested by the name, they are generally used to construct rail lines or to maintain and repair railroads. The wheels of these cranes are so designed that they can only show movement on rail tracks.
  • Vehicle Mounted Crane: Sometimes, cranes are mounted onto vehicles to make movement easier. Most medium weight cranes are mounted on trucks. The vehicle on which it is mounted provides stability to the structure while it is working. 
  • All Terrain Crane: This moves with the same speed on well-paved roads as well as rough terrains. It has more wheels than any other vehicle and this helps for maintaining balance even on unfriendly terrain. For the road construction, you may require these cranes.   

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Questions to Ask When Hiring a Crane?

1. Which is the most ideal type?

Now that you know about some of the most commonly used cranes in construction, make sure that the crane hire is ideal for the job. In this regards, you need to talk with the crane hire company and describe the nature of your business. They will suggest you the perfect crane according to your needs.

2. What is the condition of the workspace?

The condition of the terrain on which the crane will be required to work must be considered. Some cranes work better on the soft soil while others are made to work on rough terrains.

3. How much weight can the crane lift?

The weight of the materials that are to be lifted must be made known to the service. They will recommend the best crane according to the weight. It is suggested to avoid overloading of the crane, because it will damage the crane instantly. Read the manual or ask the operator for the crane operation guidelines.

crane hire
Crane Hire

How to Pick the Right Service for Crane Hire? 

No matter how many times you have hired a crane for a construction job there are some things that even the most experienced ones do not skip out on. There are some important questions that you need to ask the service before signing the deal.  For instance, how long the company has been in business, the training, and qualification of the operators hired by them, their insurance policy, and the cost of hire. You will find the cranes owned by professional services are well-maintained.     

Cranes have made construction simpler and much faster than it used to be. This has made them a valuable asset to the construction industry. 
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