Sheepskin Slippers – The Hottest Haute Couture

Sheepskin slippers are now part of the small list of handmade luxury apparels. These slippers are exquisite leather apparels, from New Zealand, which are made of original sheepskin.
Sheepskin Slippers

What is special with these slippers is that they keep you comfortable and warm during winter and cool during summer.  The quality of these slippers cannot be competed, as it allows the footwear to breath by allowing air to move in and out which also prevents the build of sweat or odor. Moreover, the thick wool of twin-face sheepskins makes you feel comfortable as the wool takes the contour of your feet making it snug fit within a short time.  Furthermore, being natural and original and specially treated, these slippers are made for the long haul. Therefore, the duplicates are never able to rival either the quality or the durability of original sheepskin slippers.

These slippers are now dyed in a variety of colors and softness which is increasing its demands from customers far across the globe, who have become patrons after they visited New Zealand or came across these magnificent slippers through friends or online portals.

Sheepskin is the latest fad in the fashion world. Let us see what makes them so hot:

  • Like denim, these wear blends with most of fabrics and attires. Unlike leather, which looks good with a few selected formal dresses and a select type of informal dresses, it has no such limitations. They can be worn on any occasion and makes your sense of style outstanding. These slippers are handcrafted which means all its processes get personalized attention leaving no room for manufacturing defects and since they are fully made of pure leather, they are very flexible and very durable. Also, they come with replaceable in-soles that can be removed and replaced with new ones, which helps you retain the brand-new feel for a longer time.
    Sheepskin Slippers
  • Sheepskin is new in town style, yet over the years the manufacturers have diversified its models, texture, and color making it more universal. Since it is rare and costly, you will be fortunate if you own one.  Over the years, these sheepskins have been used to craft other types of foot wears like Suede moccasins, fireside slippers, snuggles, scuffs, and loafers. The latest entrant is the slipper socks which can be rolled up like a pair of socks, best suited to be your company while travelling. 
  • The ability of the sheepskin to keep the user comfortable during both extremes of climate makes it very appealing, especially to those who have experienced its comfort.  Also, no hard chemicals that are harmful to pets, children, or pregnant women are used when manufacturing these foot wears. These leathers are so processed that it discourages bacteria and mites. The mark of originality is alluring. It makes you stand out.  The specialty of this is well known even to those with basic knowledge of fashion. So, the fashion sense of a person wearing it needs no introduction.
  • This foot wear is not very obtrusive either in their shape or their color. This makes it more elegant and refined. It does not invite a stare, but its moderate theme gets all the attention and respect.
  • Though it is another type of leather, the process used during tanning is highly environment friendly. The leather is only a byproduct and does not invite scorn as with other leather products.These days a person is judged by the kind of foot wear he wears and sheepskin wear will definitely catch the attention as it appears subtle yet chic and elegant.
  •  This is a foot wear that showcases your mood and more importantly your appetite for fashion.
So, go ahead and grab your pair of sheepskin slippers if you want to stay ahead of being ‘just contemporary’.

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