Things Most People Fail to Consider Before Falling a Tree

Sometimes, it may appear unavoidable and necessary to get a tree in your yard removed. But keep in mind that though you may not notice it, removing a tree comes with certain losses. So, tree removal is not something you should rush into. Take all the factors into consideration and then conduct the tree removal process after ensuring that it wouldn’t harm humans or property. The following points are those which are to be mainly considered but most people are unaware of:

Tree Removal
Tree Removal

  • The responsibility of the tree owner: You may be aware that you are the owner of all the trees that grow within the premises owned by you. Also, the tree owner is held responsible for possible injuries or destruction of property caused by negligence in dealing with unstable trees. Though if a tree from your yard collapses over a neighbor’s house due to a storm, you are free of any liabilities. But in the case of an unhealthy tree collapsing on a neighbor’s property, you are definitely in trouble. So, in such cases, carry out a tree removal process as fast as possible.
  • Is tree removal really needed?  There is a rule against tree removal merely for aesthetic purposes. If done so, you can be charged in court and meted fines or prison. Also, you can be subjected to civil suits for chopping twigs, destroying the roots or harming the tree in any way.
  • Know about the tree-cutting policies: Get in touch with the local government and ask for a copy of the tree cutting laws. Go through the laws and make sure you do not break any of those while tree removal. Then, you are to fill up the required tree removal permit form and submit your application. After you submit your application, an inspection will be conducted and only then you will be granted the permit.
  • Take a look at the tree: When I say take a look, I don’t mean a glance. You are supposed to take a detailed survey of its location and the way it may possibly damage the surrounding property while tree removal alerts the neighbors to take precautionary measures. Also, check the hollowness of the tree and the decay if any. These factors need to be known before axing the tree to make sure there are no surprises.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Expert
  • The health guidelines: The Occupational Health Administration has laid down several guidelines that are supposed to be followed while the tree removal process is being conducted. Also, if the tree has any signs of decay or bacterial infection or any disease, steps should be taken to get rid of the infections from the surrounding vegetation. 
  • Environmental Impact: One should bear in mind that trees are a huge asset to the nature they must be preserved. Apart from beautifying your home, trees improve the quality of the air that human beings breathe and it also provides food and shelter for birds and influences the stability of the soil along with water flow. As a responsible citizen of the state, you need to get rid of a tree that may pose a threat to surrounding buildings and property, but as a responsible resident of the earth, it is also your duty to plant 2 more trees for every tree you take down. 
  • Make sure you consider other options before resorting to tree removal. If a tree is almost 50% vandalized and damaged, then it may survive for a few more years, but its growth will be highly improper with a constant danger of it falling down. In such cases, you have no alternative other than tree removal. But trees which have been damaged by the herbicides and insects usually recover. Check whether the trunk of the tree has been damaged and whether it is of about 25% or more. If yes, then the tree should be cut off. Also, if all the dead branches of the tree are present only on one side, then it indicates that the trunk or root of that particular side is damaged which can be easily fixed by the professionals.
Once you have established all the above point are sure to go forward with tree removal, call the tree removal experts to do it. Remember, never ever try to cut off a tree by yourself as it takes a lot more than just a chainsaw to fell a tree. Doing it yourself can be extremely hazardous.
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