Things To Consider When Choosing Timber Fencing

These days timber fencing is regarded as one of the most popular choices for gardens, patio areas and even terraces and rooftops. The reason for this is its cost-effectiveness. It enhances the decor and gives your entire home a cozy and warm feel. Plus timber is also one of the most weather-friendly materials, which makes it ideal for the outdoor areas. However, there are a few things that one must not ignore when considering this type of a fence.
Timber Fencing

Few Things To Consider When Choosing Timber Fencing:

Privacy options

One of the primary reasons for setting up timber fencing is the privacy benefits that you get. For example, you want to space out these fences in a way that you are able to shield your home from the prying eyes of your neighbor and also create a personal space. So depending on the kind of privacy you want, you can space these pickets at a distance, which allows a bit of ventilation and keeps away intruders. Along with this, if you are looking for such fencing options for the terrace then you want something that is taller than a regular fence. In particular if you have homes quite close, this works.


There are various grades or types of timber fencing available these days. You can pick from a plethora of ranges that include durable and sturdy timber, medium weight and light weight ones that act just as a visual barrier but are not really that strong. Available varieties here also include redwood, juniper, and cedar and each has their set of benefits including aesthetic appeal. You can choose to paint or polish them.

Hard or soft

Another aspect to consider, when going for timber fencing, is whether or not you want hard or soft wood. As the name suggests, the harder varieties of wood are steadier and tend to be durable. But the softer ones are easily bendable and they tend to cost less. But these are not very sturdy and if your geographical zone is prone to hurricanes and storms, then the heavier versions are suggested. Do consider the thickness of both.
Timber Fencing

Neighbor issues

If you are setting up timber fencing along a common border or space that you share with your neighbor then you can consider asking for splitting costs or pick a design that both of you like. Often, instead of having two different kinds of fences in these areas a lot of people discuss about the fencing with their neighbors. In some neighborhoods, everyone goes for a similar or common kind of fencing to give the homes an even look. So it is best to ask your neighbors and go for a price-effective material like timber.


If you are planning on growing plants along the timber fencing, then it is best to make sure that you pick natural varieties of wood that don’t require any kind of polishing or coloring. The harder and the sturdier varieties of wood are much more sustainable and allow the plants to grow freely. So here make sure that you space the fence as per the kind of plants you want to grow, especially the vines or climber varieties.

Keeping these little things in mind is very important when you are considering timber fencing. Doing so will help you ensure that you pick the right variety and type as per your home requirement, budget, and also the kind of decor or purpose you want it to serve.
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