Transport Your Motorcycle Overseas Through Air Freight

If you want to relocate to some other city then you need to ship your bike to this overseas location. In this regards, you need to follow the custom norms and then you need to complete the documentation and other formalities. It is better to consult with some overseas transport companies, and they will arrange all your documentations and they will ship your bike to the respective overseas location. But when you choose the overseas shipment company for your bike, you need to check their license, authorization and you need to compare their price range also.  

Sea freight or air freight

air freight companies
Air Freight Companies Transportation

  • The various surveys conducted suggest that the air freight is the best option for the shipment of your bike because shipping through sea can be a costly process as the port charges are quite high. And also air freight has speedier delivery and hence can be concluded to be the best for the shipping of your motorcycles.
  • Now that you are clear about the method of transport that you need to opt you can go and choose the best air freight companies for the shipment purpose. With the availability of a lot of air freight companies in the market choosing the correct one can be demanding.
  • This is the easiest process for your overseas shipment, and you can easily transport your bike within a short time.

Is the air freight company you are choosing is properly licensed and insured?

Well, this can be the most important question for the best security of your bike. If you are expecting your new imported bike and then find that the company you had trusted is not licensed or insured and any loss or damage caused due to their fault will be irrecoverable and you will have to bear all the trouble and loss for your mistake. Therefore before finalizing one do not hesitate to verify the company. A little market research about the company and asking various forums can also be of use.

How much time will the shipment require?

Most of the air freight companies take a good time of almost a month or so for the confirmation before the shipment. But they can also arrange if you have any urgent requirement for the delivery of your bike lesser than that. With air freight, the biggest advantage is just that if your company cannot adjust your bike in one flight then they can send it by another. The time taken is generally around a few days or a week at the most, therefore, you do not really need to worry much for the time taken for the delivery of your order.

What will be the charges and how much extra is required to be paid?

One of the most important questions is related to the charges of the freight companies. The price varies from company to company but they all provide good competitive rates and if you get an unbelievable cheaper price then make sure that you do not need to pay any extra above the agreed price.

What preparation is required before shipment?

air freight companies
Preparation Before Shipment

If you have chosen the good air freight companies then all you need to do is to sign the agreement but other companies might require some preparation before the shipment. But most of these companies finalize the deal by preparing these documents by consulting with their own legal and custom advisors. So, you do not need to do anything and they will prepare the shipment. 

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