Important Tips for Selecting the Best Manufacturer of Packaging Cartons

Packaging serves a number of purposes. Apart from holding the products you want to sell, packaging also helps in communicating with your customers. It plays a significant role in brand positioning, and this is the reason why you should select the packaging cartons for your business very carefully. The quality of packaging not only affects the shelf life and the physical condition of the items inside, but also influences the perspective of your potential customers.

In the market, there are plenty of companies available that manufacture packaging cartons. But, selecting the right manufacturer of packaging cartons is very essential. For this reason, let us focus on some of the essential aspects that matters in the selection of the right manufacturer. The tips mentioned below will surely prove to be helpful for you.

Packaging Cartons

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer of Packaging Cartons?

#1. Structure: This is the first thing you have to keep in mind when looking for a manufacturer of packaging cartons. The size and shape of the items that you want to pack inside the cartons should be taken into consideration. If you are looking for cartons which can hold beer bottles then you have to make sure the height of the carton is perfect for the bottles.

#2. Material Quality:
In the present market, most of the manufacturer of packaging cartons makes use of recycled material for the production of packaging cartons. In addition, pulp from the trees is also used for manufacturing these boxes. But, as a responsible citizen, you must go with the cartons that are made from recycled material. These boxes are eco-friendly and cheaper as well. In various countries, government offer subsidies to the industries that make use of recycled materials of manufacturing packaging boxes. For this reason, these boxes are cheaper in comparison to the other ones. Nevertheless, the quality of the material remains at par with the boxes made from tree’s pulp.

#3. Water-Resistant Property:
Some packaging cartons come with the feature of water-resistance. These boxes usually have a layer of plastic lamination on them, which in turn makes them somewhat water-resistant. No doubt, the lamination does provide some amount of protection from water to the items inside. If you want to package food items inside the cartons then it is better to go with a manufacturer of these boxes.

#4. Thickness of the Base:
Packaging cartons are usually meant for carrying moderate or heavy weight items. So, it is important to make sure the base of the carton is thick and durable enough to withstand the entire weight of the items packed inside it. This is more important if you want to place liquid filled bottles inside the cartons.


Types of Cartons:

Nowadays, the manufacturers of packaging cartons offer a wide range of cardboard boxes to choose from. Some of the most popular ones are:
  • Corrugated boxes (single, double, as well as triple wall)
  • Cardboard envelopes
  • Regular slotted carton
  • Half-slotted carton
  • Multiple depth carton
  • Full overlap slotted carton
  • Full telescopic design carton
  • Customized carton
Customized Cartons: Among all the above mentioned types of cartons, the customized cartons are the most widely preferred ones. Quite obviously, every business has certain requirements, in terms of size, quality, and shape of the carton. Hence, when you choose a manufacturer of packaging cartons, you must discuss in detail about the price related to customization.

It would be better to consult at least three manufacturers in the beginning, and then compare their prices as well as material quality. You must ask for some samples from the manufacturer before placing a bulk order. This will keep you on the safe side.
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