Roof Coating: The Best Way To Protect Your House From Seasonal Ill Effects

Roof coating is one of the necessary things these days for home improvement. To protect your houses from changing weather outside, it is mandatory to apply a thick coat of paint or other quality products to protect it from any seasonal effect. Technically, coat on roof does not mean a paint coat or a metal sheet placed on the roof. It is much deeper and wider concept. In roof coating, process can have nearly 40 layers under the top coat. The topmost coat is called the roof coat. This one help the roof to survive different seasons and their ill effects.

What is meant by roof coating?

As mentioned, it is a process to provide an extra shield on the roof to protect it from hail, storm, rainfall, solar heat, ultraviolet rays, and such environmental effects. The mechanism of roof coating is different from just applying paint or something like that. A conventional roof coat has at least 3 layers and at max 40 layers. This depends on the type and nature of coating one is opting for. If there is any damage or leakage on the roof then it has to be repaired before the coat is applied. 

Roof CoatRoof Coating For Home

Types of roof coats in market:

There are several types of roof coating. Among all the available types, four major types are listed below.

  1. Silicon coat, solvent based: This is said to be one of the most popular and the best of all coat available in the market. Silicon is a natural material. So, this type of coat is said to be bio-degradable. In addition, the silicon type coating can be applied in multiple ways. You can use roller type or spray type coating for silicon.
  2. Acrylic coat: This is a polymer-type of coat used to protect the roof. In acrylic coating, various types of polymer are used to make the coat durable and last longer than others. They come in different colors, as well. The bright colors such as white that reflect the sunlight. Hence, UV rays, these are the popular ones.

  3. Asphalt coat: Contractors widely use this type of roof coating. This emulsified coating consists of asphalt particles to make a thick layer on the roof. These are also available in different colors. In addition, there is aluminum pigments added to make it reflex the UV rays.

  4. Solvent based, Asphalt Coat: This is a type of asphalt coat. The only difference is in this type is asphalt come in solid status. Then, it is cut into sizes and placed in solvent that liquefies the asphalt. They come in different colors, as well.  

How to apply roof coat?

It is true that roof coat needs a professional contractor to get the job done. However, if there is a small roof and no heavy damage is there, a non-qualified household can also perform the same. Roof coating needs few tools and equipment along with three major steps of application. If you have planned to coat your roof on your own then here are the equipment you need for it: 

  • For painting layer, you need basic tools like roller, brush, scaffolding, and putty knife.
  • Roof repairing tools
  • High pressure spray tools (airless)
  • Pressure washer nozzle (turbo) 

Roof CoatingRoof Coating


  • Clean the roof: Any particles, water, oil from chimney, asphalt or any other source and so on must be cleared before starting the roof coating.

  • Repair damage: For heavy damage, you need a skilled contractor, but for the smaller ones you can do-it-yourself. Repair the damages with cement or so.

  • Apply the layers: Once the roof is clean and dry completely, apply the layers of paints with brush or roller. 

Coating roof is easy, but for big roofs and heavy damaged roof, one must contact a qualified contractor.


Roof Coating

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