Solar Power System – The Importance of Maintenance

It is a common fact that there are many benefits of solar power systems. The most exciting thing about the solar panel is that you can tap the sun’s energy and use it for many different purposes. This ultimately helps you to save money by cutting down the electricity bills. The additional advantage of the solar system is that it is renewable or replenishable. You can harness the solar energy and avail its benefits for life long. Since the utilization is that of sun’s energy, it will not release any harmful substances in the environment. They also do not require any replacement even if the parts were used in the past. It is important to maintain the solar power systems. 

Ways of maintenance  

Solar Power System
Solar Power System

  • The panels should be inspected if there is any dirt or debris that may collect on them. This should be done few times a year. 
  • You have to make sure that inspection of safety panels needs some safety precautions. You can take risks. If you have installed the panels very high, then you have to use the ladders. 
  • The general cleaning can be done by using a garden hose so that you can wash the face of the panels. It is risky to spray cold water on the panels. 
  • There are also automated cleaners that work similar to sprinklers. They can be programmed to clean the panels as per your requirement. It is a good choice, especially in dry areas. 
  • It is recommended to take the help of professional cleaners. As they can do the cleaning even if your panel is placed very high. They will not mind doing it again and again. This is how you can take care of the solar power systems and maintain it thoroughly. 

How to take care every month? 

Solar power systems require very less maintenance as they do not have any moving parts. But even then, they need a little bit of preventive care. This will make them run at their peak performance. If you check the system regularly, then you will definitely be saved from costly repairs. Hence you have to check the solar system at least every month so that you can get rid of bigger problems. These are the ways that you can follow to take care of it:

Solar Power System
Solar Power System

  • It is important to be well versed with the components in the solar power systems. This system is comprised of the panels like the rack, roof penetrations, wiring as well as invertors. 
  • The panels have to be kept clean and free from any obstruction. This will affect the efficiency of the system. The snow, dust or leaves have to be removed on a regular basis. You need to do a monthly checkup to make sure that the panels have not built up any obstructions. This will help to make your system run smoothly. 
  • The solar panels are mounted on the roof with the help of a metal structure called a rack. The installer should do the inspection of the roof before installing. This is because even if there is a slight damage to the roof, there may be issues as the roof materials degrade over time. 
  • The rack and the panels are free from corrosion but after a long period of time, it may develop problems. This may compromise with the strength of the system. There should be a visual check every month so that replacement of the component can be done. 
  • The silicon wafers inside the panels are durable. But the tempered glass may break due to stormy weather. The solar installers have to be called to clear the broken panels and replace the section.
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