Some Safe Installation Tips for Hot Water Heaters

In several countries around the world, winter temperatures often go below the freezing point. The summers too are cool and can experience cold draft sometimes. In places like these, it is the electric furnaces and hot water heaters that make life possible. Water heaters can probably be thought of a life support in places like these.

However, nowadays, water heaters have become a common installation seen in most of the bathrooms all over the world. In fact, these are often used in tropical winters as well where temperatures don’t go below 10 degrees Celsius. After all, who doesn’t like a warm bath when the weather is chilly outside? If you have recently purchased a water heater or are just discarding your old one for a new model, it will have to be installed properly before it can be used.    

Removing the Old Heater

Hot Water Heater
Before the new one can be installed, you have to make sure that the old hot water heater is properly removed. If you have never done this before, it might be a good idea to hire professionals to get the work done in no time. However, if you want to remove the old appliance yourself, there are some safety tips to be followed:
  •  The first thing that you must do is make sure that the power switch is turned off. Failing to do so can lead to accidents and injury. Read the user manual and make sure that you have a clear idea of what needs to be done.
  • Secondly, instead of trying the method of trial and error (which can be dangerous in this case) make a plan before you start working on the removal of the old heater.
  • Clear out space so that there is nothing to block your way once you get down to work. During the removal of the heater, there might be times when both your hands are busy and you won’t be able to remove unwanted things from your way. 

How to Install a Water Heater Yourself

Once you have removed the old water heater, it is time to put the new one in. Although this has been mentioned before, it is extremely important to be careful during the instalment procedure. Through the course of the installation, make sure that the electricity is switched off. Water and electricity don’t really mix and this can result in accidents and injuries.

Additionally, make sure that all the pipes and other plumbing fixtures for the new installation are in place. If something else has to be installed, this must be completed before putting the new hot water heater in. It is important to read the installation guide in detail to make sure that you don’t miss any crucial information. It will help you to get the work done faster and efficiently.     

Benefits of Hiring Professional Installers 

Hot Water Heater
If you want to make sure that the installation is done without any hitches and the heater is ready to be used in no time, it is a good idea to hire professional experts. Not only do they have the knowledge and experience in dealing with heaters and other appliance installation, they also have access to the suitable tools required for removing the old heater and installing the new one. 

As they install electrical appliances for a living, they know exactly what to do if an accident occurs and take the preventative measures quickly. Most professional services also have insurance and if anything is damaged during the installation, you will receive a full refund and reimbursement. Therefore, if you don’t have prior plumbing experience, consider hiring professionals for the same.
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